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61% Increase In Productivity Through Occupational Health Investment

Illness or injury can prevent even the most productive, value adding team members from delivering to the best of their ability, or in some cases, even from performing at all.

  • Work is good for the health of the working population, yet sickness absence due to common health related conditions remains significantly high in the UK.
  • This cost burden to individuals, employers and society can be avoided with rapid intervention.

Occupational health physiotherapists are able to provide preventative and reactive services for keeping people at work or helping workers return quickly after sickness absence.

Studies from GB and EU show that investing in OSH can reduce sickness absence, reduce injury rates, increase productivity and enhance an organisation’s reputation. Research shows that 61% of workers said they would work harder for an employer who invested in their health. Taking action to prevent injury increases employee happiness, increases employer margins and has been proven to lead to better business output. Some studies demonstrate that organisations can obtain a significant return on investment in OSH with some showing a returns ration of £12 to £1.

Back Injuries

Investing £16,000 Could Save You £192,000

Take something like work-related back injuries that still plague too many workers. The Britsafe literature review (See references) captures one study that shows how a £16,000 investment to tackle back injuries resulted in £192,000 of savings and benefits due to reduced sickness absence, better productivity and lower insurance premiums. Changing the way tasks are carried out to protect people’s backs is an opportunity for an employer to minimise work related injury, and protect the bottom line.

Using an Occupational Healthsure Physiotherapist or Occupational Health specialist we can assess your team’s working environment, work processes and day to day tasks. This is a great way to receive insights and suggestions on opportunities to improve your operations and minimise costly injury to personnel, improving margins and increasing work place morale.

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