Choosing a Physio

What to Look for in Your Physio

Choosing a Physio can be a daunting task. You’re faced with a multitude of different options any time you hit the search button in your favourite search engine.

We’d like to demystify the process a bit by giving you some key areas to focus on;

  1. Is your Physiotherapist HCPC Registered?

All licensed practising physiotherapists should be registered by the Health and Care Professions council, a regulator, set up to protect the public. To do this, they keep a Register of health and care professionals who meet their standards for training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

At Healthsure Physiotherapy, All of our physiotherapists are HCPC registered.

2. Is your Physiotherapist Chartered?

A chartered physiotherapist is a qualified member of their professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

Through this membership they have committed themselves to providing high quality services and protecting the quality of physical treatments. Chartered physiotherapists have:

  • Registered and fulfilled the high standards of professional practice described by the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Agreed to adhere to the CSP’s Code of Professional Values and Behaviour, the CSP Code of Professional Values and Behaviour and work to the CSP Quality Assurance Standards.
  • Continually develop themselves to ensure they remain current on the best treatment methods and techniques.
  • Committed to engagement with the CSP as the UK professional body that defines scope of physiotherapy practice in the UK
  • Possession of professional liability insurance

At Healthsure Physiotherapy, All of our physiotherapists are CSP Chartered.

3. Accessibility and Location

Where is your physiotherapist? Are they well connected through public transport links? Do they offer parking local to their treatment centres? Are they accessible for those with disabilities or special access requirements? Are they within 5 miles of your home?

These are all desirable factors. We’ve all been there; its late at night, you’ve had a hard day at work and now you need to travel for 35 mins to get to where you need to be. Avoid the hassle; work with a physiotherapist close to your home or who is easily accessible from you home location. Remember, good physiotherapists will offer home appointments for those who really are mobility challenged.

All of our Healthsure clinics are located close to public transport links, are disabled access conscious and are located throughout the country.

4. Price

Physiotherapy and access to treatment shouldn’t break your bank. Work with a Physiotherapist who is in the £30 for treatment, up to £45 for assessment banding. Also look for Physiotherapists who allow gradual payment plans, or who offer annual membership packages.

All of our Healthsure services are priced competitively. We offer payment plans and membership packages to suit your needs.

5. Relationships and Personality

The thought of going for your Physiotherapy shouldn’t have you hiding with fear. Work with a Physio provider who will welcome you with a handshake and smile, who’ll take an interest in you and your whole issue and who looks forward to seeing you progress.

All of our Healthsure physios are trained in customer service and our standards are clear and high.

Unsure as to What Physio you need? Stop being unsure and start being Healthsure. See a Healthsure Physio today.

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